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View image of Toyota world of toyota. A report in the Nishi Nippon Shimbun in March described a program in the city of Fukuoka, begun inthat collects used uniforms from junior high and high school graduates and then recycles.

InTesla had to recall of its Roadsters made between March and April 22,over concerns that the rear hub was "under-torqued" and could come loose. Toyota recalled 12 million vehicles worldwide in and as the scandal spread and tarnished its once stellar reputation.

US attorney-general Eric Holder said Toyota's conduct was "shameful". Re-launched 'Financial World Tonight' on Radio 5 Live; Planning Editor for 'World Business Report' BBC World Service Radio. Launched 'Power Lunch Europe' for CNBC television and Produced Live TV Outside Brodcasts for Squawk Box in 7 European Senior Managing Consultant at.

Why are US car sales falling? Bbc world business report 2009 toyota
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