Bt business report a fault phone number

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How do I withhold my telephone number?

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We specialise in phone, broadband, mobile and TV services as well as global IT networks. We're the backbone that supports government, defence, health and police services.

How can I report a fault to BT?

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Not a problem! All you need to keep your number is a PAC code from your old mobile provider.

How can I report a fault to BT?

A PAC code is 9-character code like 'ABC', that allows us to transfer your number from your old provider to BT. There is no customer service support phone number in the website and whoeasy are constantly draining money from my credit card.

The only support they provide is through email and the only reply you get from them is the auto email that they have receive and after that there is. Thank you for choosing BT.

This offer is available exclusively to customers who have placed an online order via one of our selected partners.

The Phone/Broadband/Fault Reference Number you have entered is invalid, please try again.

Bt business report a fault phone number
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How can I report a fault to BT? | BT help