Communication sending and receiving verbal information

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Why is communication important to human life?

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To send a message, a person must say or do something that represents an idea in his or her own mind. The sender has a mental image, a vision, an idea, an opinion, or perhaps some information that. In fact, the communication challenge is to make sure that the meaning that is intended by the sender is the same as the meaning the receiver assigns to the message when it’s received.

Messages. Non-Verbal Communication – we transmit information using words, gestures and body language, subsequently active listening also involves non-verbal communication. Sometimes you can be unaware of the messages you are sending none-verbally.

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication. STUDY. PLAY. Interpersonal Communication Process. the process of sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal messages between two or more people. Meaning. refers to the thoughts and feelings that people intend to communicate to one another.

Encoding. The communication process involves both sending and receiving messages and can take many forms. Verbal communication is the spoken word, while nonverbal communication involves actions, facial expressions, body position, and gestures. Communication is a process of sending and receiving information among people.

Humans communicate with others not only by face-to-face communication, but also by giving information via the Internet and printed products such as books and newspapers.

Understanding Communication Skills Communication sending and receiving verbal information
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