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Springsteen on Main is a true theatrical performance, with a challenge, an arc, and a fourth equip to break. List of highest-attended concerts. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

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The record for biggest concert attendance is held by Vasco Rossi (left) for a ticketed concert and Rod Stewart (right) for a free concert. This page lists the highest-attended (excluding music festivals) with attendance ofpeople or more.

Date Artist Venue City. Tips for Concert Reports Goals: 2. To help students talk about music intelligently. General Information. See your syllabus for the types of concerts that are acceptable. You may submit concert reports in any order.

I will keep track of which type you submit. Remember, Every Concert Report must have documentation. attached to be. Working on "cuts like a knife" backstage with @brucespringsteen just before we went out and sang it for real at the #invictusgames Toronto. What a moment to hang on to, thanks Bruce.

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The Altamont Speedway Free Festival was a counterculture-era rock concert in in the United States, held at the Altamont Speedway in northern California on Saturday, December The event is best known for considerable violence, including the stabbing death of Meredith Hunter and three accidental deaths: two caused by a hit-and-run car accident, and one by LSD-induced drowning in an.

The time series shows concert ticket sales revenue in North America from to Inthe revenue amounted to eight billion U.S. dollars.

In that year, the -most-successful-music-tours.

List of highest-attended concerts

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Concert attendance report music
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