Fsibl report

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FSIBL is an impoverished bank. Fsibl General Banking last six years, many new banks have emerged to satisfy the needs of the customers. They are continuously trying to attract people towards them by offering new types of products and services to face competition and fresh challenges thrown by their rival.


This report has also mentioned some problems of FSIBL’s Operating systems and FIRST SECURITY ISLAMI BANK LIMITED its solutions.

The empirical part includes only the published information and current practices of the First Security Islami Bank Limited included. First Security Islami Bank Limited was incorporated on 29 August as a commercial bank.

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It started operations on 25 October with an authorized capital of 1 billion taka. From the bank started sharia banking. The Bank sponsored the National School Hockey Tournament. Internship Report on General Banking System of First Security Islamic Bank Ltd PREPARED FOR M.

Mokarrom Hossain FSIBL First Security Islami Bank Limited B/E Bill of Entry, bill of exchange Secondary data was collected from the annual report, journal, FSIBL report, bank limited. An Impact of Banking Activities of Private Commercial Islamic Bank to Economic Development in Bangladesh: A Case Study on First Security Islami Bank Limited (FSIBL) Md.

Na zirul Islam Sarker 1, Md. H arun Or Rashid 2.


Fsibl Report Chapter – 01 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Origin of the report: In today’s world only academic education does not make a student perfect to .

Fsibl report
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