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YouTube reaches 80% of internet users in India: Google

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YouTube publishes deleted videos report

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YouTube plans original programming in Japan, India and other markets

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India's benchmark primetime business & current affairs show, IBH leads from the front in decoding the top stories of the day, showcasing the biggest names an.

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Uncover the latest marketing research and digital trends with data reports, guides, infographics, and articles from Think with Google. YouTube, the popular video sharing website, expects to more than double its user base in India in the next three years, said a top official.

“Currently, we have a user base of million in. audio and video in India. Our objective with this report is to analyze the key market trends in past, and expected like YouTube and Subscription-based digital content Content Rise of On-demand Content.

On-Demand Content. “For brands, YouTube is now an end-to-end platform and as per the December ‘ComScore Video Metrix Multi-Platform’ it reaches 85% of all highly engaged internet users, in the 18 years.

YouTube also announced the addition of a "reporting dashboard" to users' accounts, to let them see the status of any videos they had reported as inappropriate.

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Top 10 countries flagging videos India.

India business report video to youtube
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